Local History

    Travis Childs, The History Museum’s Director of Education, is the St. Joseph County Historian, appointed by the Indiana Historical Society and the Indiana Historical Bureau. In this three-year voluntary role, Travis serves as a liaison between statewide agencies and local organizations, joining with dozens of men and women across the state also serving in the County Historian Program. Questions? Contact Travis at The History Museum (574-235-9664, ext. 242) or

    The Area's Early History

    Our area of the state just prior to the arrival of Europeans.

    The First Settlers

    Fur trappers and traders who settled in St. Joseph County.

    The Trail of Death

    The mandatory removal of Native Americans from northern Indiana. 

    Early South Bend

    The start of an industrial Midwestern city.

    St. Joseph County Facts

    Quick facts and figures about our county.

    South Bend Firsts

    A list of the historic ‘firsts’ that took place in South Bend.

    South Bend City Directories

    The old city directories tell the story of South Bend.

    List of South Bend Mayors

    A list of South Bend Mayors since 1865.

    South Bend Fire Department

    The history of our community’s brave fire department

    South Bend Police Department

    The history of South Bend’s police department.

    Local African American History

    The history of African American settlement in our community.

    History of Mishawaka, Indiana

    The founding and history of South Bend’s neighboring city.

    History of Osceola, Indiana

    History of another town within the confines of St. Joseph County.

    South Bend's Lost Landmarks

    Historic buildings that use to stand in South Bend.


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