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    The 2018 Annual Dinner was a great success. The event is our museum’s most significant fundraising effort. Monies raised help us to preserve and tell our history to residents as well as visitors who come from across the country to experience The History Museum. They tour the Oliver Mansion, which was home to J.D. Oliver and his family, and enjoy the Historic Oliver Gardens, the setting for tonight’s event. One of the finest regional history museum complexes in the country, The History Museum comprises a variety of changing and permanent exhibit galleries, the Ernestine M. Raclin Gallery of Notre Dame History, Kidsfirst Children’s Museum, and the Worker’s Home, in addition to the Oliver Mansion. We are grateful to all who are helping to make the 2018 Annual Dinner successful.



    Linda and Bipin Doshi



    Kerie and Tracy Graham

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    Mary and Phil Allen*

    Shamaila and Bilal Ansari

    Zoreen and Rafat Ansari

    Kay Antonelli* and Charles Loeser

    Jacqueline and Tom Barton

    Patty and Coley Brady

    Deb and Paul Cafiero

    Toni and Jon Cook*

    Todd Cummings*

    Danielle and Rich Cummins*

    Marvin Curtis*

    Susan and Scott Ford

    Jennifer and Deron Gerber

    Nicole MacLaughlin and Dan Graff*

    Karol* and Bill Griffin

    Maria and Brian Harding*

    Karen and Jim Hart*

    Diana Hess*

    Catherine and John Hiler

    Jill and James Hillman

    Jann Joseph*

    Nancy and Najeeb Khan

    Mindy and Kevin Kruggel

    Beth Williamson and Charles Lamb*

    Karen and Mike Leep

    Darla and Jason Lippert

    Kay and David Londergan*

    Jennifer and Greg Mahoney*

    Kristin and Scott Mereness

    Chris Miller*

    Carmi and Chris Murphy

    Erin and Kevin Murphy*

    Susan and Don Riggs*

    Nicole and Tom Ross*

    Vivian* and Arnold Sallie

    Ethel and Jim Seitz

    Tonya and Tim Sexton

    Amy and Amish Shah

    Vicki and Dan Skodras*

    Debbie and Dan Smogor

    Tanna and Craig Sroda*

    Kelly and Brian Stanley

    Sherry and Haji Tehrani

    Donna and Jerry Thacker*

    Deborah and Larry Tracy*

    Kathy and Mick Tuesley

    Rikki and Jim Tuesley

    Lisa and Dan Tychonievich*

    Anita and Tom Veldman

    John Voorde*

    Dena* and Mike Wargo

    (*) 2018-19 History Museum Trustee


    The History Museum is celebrating 150 years of service to the community. The excellence in programs and exhibits that you’ve come to expect requires significant resources. Our role as the “Keepers of History” means that we collect and preserve objects and archival documents to ensure that they will be around for the future. We also exhibit and interpret these items to help educate our present generation. Help us to continue our mission, to develop new programs, and to reach new audiences. Contributions can be made to support general operations, to assist with special projects and to grow our endowment—all critical components of sustaining our place as the purveyors of history for this community. For information about supporting The History Museum, please contact Randy Ray at 574-235-9664, ext. 227 or at . Thank you.

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