S.S. Kresge

Fire fighters raced to put out the flames that engulfed the S.S. Kresge Company in 1920. The five-and-dime store was located at 205-07 S. Michigan Street in downtown South Bend. Firemen can also be seen at the Auditorium Theatre, visible to the left of Kresge’s. The 1916 city directory identified the business of the Auditorium Theatre as “moving pictures,” a term that evolved, of course, into “movies.” By 1922, the theatre was no longer in business. Within a year, Robertson’s Department Store moved its establishment from the 100 block of S. Michigan to the building that had housed the theater. In 1926, Kresge’s moved a few doors down the street to 201-02 S. Michigan, where it remained until the building was torn down as part of the 1970s urban renewal.

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