Robertson’s Department Store

Location: 207-217 S. Michigan St., South Bend

Robertson's Department Store History

Robertson's founded

The Robertson's Department Store was founded by George A. Robertson, Sr., at 127 S. Michigan STreet in a one room store measuring 22.5 by 60 feet.
Robertson Department Store
Business had grown to such an extent that the entire Kirby Building adjoining the original store was added to the original store building.
Robertson Department Store
The store was moved to the 200 block of S. Michigan Street, at one time the location of the Studebaker brothers blacksmith shop, and later the site of the Auditorium Theater.
Robertson Department Store
Robertson's was acquired by the late Will Welber and his brother Sig Welber. Since that date the store grew very rapidly both in size and in reputation.
Robertson Department Store
A complete basement store was created at Robertson's, offering quality merchandise for the entire family at discounted prices.
Robertson Department Store
Robertson's acquired 7,500 square feet of space in the building to the south of the store. A bridge was built linking the two buildings across the alley. At the same time, Robertson's famous Third Floor Fashion Centre was enlarged, redesigned, and renovated. Robertson's also introduced the CHARGEA-PLATE system for charge account customers, the first store in the state of Indiana to offer this service.
Robertson Department Store
More than 10,000 square feet of space was added to the store, including twenty percent more main floor and basement store space together with a second floor annex for the store's Fabric Centre. In this year a new store front and new display windows were installed and many departments were redesigned and renovated.
Robertson Department Store
The entire sixth floor was redesigned including a renovation to the famous Tea Room. While remodeling and renovating was paused during the war years, Robertson's made many improvements to its services.
Robertson Department Store

Addition of Seventh Floor

A seventh floor was added to the building providing 5,200 square feet of space for offices. At the same time the complete major appliance department was installed on the store's sixth floor.
Robertson Department Store
January 1948
The store's entire fifth floor was redesigned, providing one of the country's most beautiful settings for the furniture, radio, record, and toy department.
Robertson Department Store

The End

After a declining downtown shopping district in South Bend, Robertson's Department Store closed its doors after 70 years in South Bend.

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